Add files and URLs to the Windows 10 Start Menu

The Windows 10 Start Menu, that grid of tiles (alive or otherwise), can be a pretty convenient launchpad. Too bad you can’t drop files or URL shortcuts on it. With the following steps, you can add files and URLs with a jaunty two-step process.

Once you set things up, you’ll right-click on the file/shortcut that you want pinned and choose “Send to” followed by the Start List folder:

Send To Start List

Important: “Send to” sends a copy of the file. If you’re trying to pin a file, such as a spreadsheet or a script, then you need to hold CTRL+SHIFT when you click on the “Start List” option. Just like holding ALT when dragging a file, CTRL+SHIFT cause a shortcut to be created, rather than a copy. This matters here, because touching ALT kills the context menu.

There is now a shortcut to your file in the Start List (what you get when you click on the all programs button in the bottom left of the Start Menu:

Start List.png

Since it’s here, you can now Pin to Start! Hurray!

Start List Pin.png

Not bad.

Setting this up is very, very easy: create a shortcut to the Start List folder in your SendTo folder.

2016-03-10 17_31_47-SendTo

Getting to your SendTo folder is pretty convenient. Open the Run box by hitting ⊞ Win+R and then type shell:sendto. Do the same for shell:programs to pull up the “All Programs” folder of the Start menu.

2016-03-10 17_39_34-Programs

I created a folder named “Start List”, but you can call it whatever you like, or could just drop things directly into the Programs folder itself.

A guy on a forum makes me think that I might be able to force everything sent to my “Start List” folder to be a shortcut rather than a copy, but following his directions didn’t work for me.

If you’re curious about the shell:... special folders, the Winhelponline Blog has a list.

Add files and URLs to the Windows 10 Start Menu

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