Maintenance Reminder Android App

I want an Android app that will remind me to perform various maintenance activities. I have a few use cases:

  • Yearly (renew my vehicle registration)
  • 90 days after last action (replace house air filter)
  • Last weekday before the 16th (usually the 15th) each month (to submit my timesheet)
  • Same as the above, but for the end of the month.
  • Monday, every other week (tasks related to my two-week sprint schedule at work).
  • Every weekday, appears until I check it off (update a daily metric chart)
  • Three times each week (work out)

Some that I’m looking at:

  • Loop – Habit Tracker // doesn’t handle yearly reminders. Looks like it might be really nice for habit-building.
  • Habitica // doesn’t handle monthly actions. Again, looks like it might be really nice for habit-building.
  • BZ Reminder // Looks better, but can’t handle my every-other-week reminder, nor the monthly end-of-month.
  • Life Reminders // This is pretty impressive. The monthly+weekday-only criteria doesn’t seem possible, but monthly plus a day warning is. This is a contender.
  • Reminder // Does have quite as many options as Life Reminders, but it might be close enough that other features could make the difference.
  • Just Reminder // At first this appears to have the most schedule options, but it still can’t do the last weekday of the month. I don’t like the interface as much, but this is in the running.

I’ve been thinking about creating my own app for this, but getting the reminders is more urgent and more important than building the app.

Maintenance Reminder Android App

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