Artoo, Drag, Dead Code, and the Zeroth Constraint

Just a few web pages that I’ll probably come back to again later:

  • I’m trying my hand at scraping data out of a horribly formatted web page and reformatting it for attractive printing. So far I’m messing around with HTML parsing, using Python libraries and possibly artoo.js.
  • When I have a chance, I’m going to try optimizing JPEG files with Guetzli.
  • Some good reminders that executives don’t always have an easy time seeing things from the Agile or Lean point of view.
  • A cool idea if you need to make a point about bad code removed from a product: the big book of dead code.
  • While using the Theory of Constraints to coach an organization, “The Zeroth constraint is that the organisation do not see the coach as a close trusted advisor.”
  • Roman Pichler’s article on MVP vs. MMP came up at work and I’m thinking about more concrete ways to lay out what a Minimum Viable Product, Minimal Marketable Product, and some sort of Full Marketable Product look like.
  • AirTable looks intriguing, both for customized workflows but also, perhaps, personal kanban.
  • I have run into people with small (or even large) amounts of power within an organization who don’t seem to understand how hard it is for people with less power to speak up to them: the problem with saying, “my door is always open.”
  • I remember the PBJ instructions challenge from my childhood. Thinking about the ways instructions gloss over all of the steps involved can help you really grasp a user’s experience.
  • Someone I used to work with recommended that I check out Drag for managing my email. It does seem up my alley, at least if I wanted to address all of my personal email.
  • AgileCraft certainly says good things, and since I may get to try out their software at work, I hope their software matches what they say.
Artoo, Drag, Dead Code, and the Zeroth Constraint

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