DIY Second Keyboard (Script Triggering)

Here’s my idea:

  1. Plug a USB keyboard, possibly with custom labels on the keys, into a
  2. Raspberry Pi configured with XBindkeys to run
  3. a Python script that sends a trigger over a TCP/IP socket (via your LAN) to
  4. an AHK socket server that will then run the local AHK script desired.


  • All parts can be re-purposed if the dedicated script-trigger keyboard is no longer needed.
  • Can be very inexpensive (I already own the hardware to do this).
  • Should be low-maintenance once working, as the Pi should auto-boot to the correct state and the info sent over TCP/IP should just indicate that a certain key was pressed.
  • I feel like I can handle the technology involved.


  • I haven’t even started trying to see if this works.

Every so often when I’m using AutoHotKey scripts I wish I had a second keyboard dedicated to my various scripts. While something like the AHK Command Picker is probably all I need, the Enterpad is really more what I’ve been dreaming of:


Unless I’m given a free one like Daniel Schroeder, it’s pretty hard for me to justify close to $300. But a DIY setup? That might just happen.

DIY Second Keyboard (Script Triggering)


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