Surface Book power problems

Secret procedure:

  1. Depress power button for 30 seconds, no matter what (force full shutdown).
  2. Depress volume-up and power button for 15 seconds, no matter what (secret sauce!).
  3. Exit/restart/power-on/reboot – whatever it takes to let Windows 10 right itself.

My fancy new Microsoft Surface Book (a splurge because my new employer is subsidizing it) has caused a handful of minor disappointments and annoyances, but the one big headache has been the unexpected reboots when I just want the machine to wake from sleep. Microsoft rolled out updates that seem to have fixed this issue for others, but installing the updates didn’t help me.

While I was ready to get a replacement machine (which would’ve had the nice side-effect of addressing the minor physical imperfections of my machine), I ended up calling Surface Support and Daphne had me perform the secret procedure above to do some sort of magic. If I understood her correctly, step two tells Windows to reinstall driver software in the correct order.

Whatever it did, I’m now ten sleeps in with no unplanned restarts. Fingers crossed!

Surface Book power problems